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    Our Datacenters

    Our global network provides the ultimate security for your business

    North America

    NA1 - Midwest U.S.

    Our NA1 datacenter is located in the same hardened facility as our corporate headquarters in the Omaha-metro area. This reinforced structure was originally built by the Dept. of Defense to double as a nuclear fallout shelter for STRATCOM. Maintained by our skilled engineering team, this hardened datacenter secures enterprise-grade website and IT solutions that are hyper-redundant and audited for the most specialized compliance needs.

    • Fault-Tolerant Site Infrastructure
    • Multiple-Fiber Connectivity
    • N+1 Power and Water Detection
    • Reinforced Concrete Construction
    • Raised Floors Throughout
    • Biometric Security

    NA2 - Midwest U.S.

    he NA2 facility is centrally located in Omaha, near our main corporate offices. This datacenter is built with redundant power supply sources, multiple layers of security, and temperature control systems.

    • Multiple Connection Feeds
    • Filtered Power
    • Multiple Security Protocols
    • Backup Power Generators
    • Temperature-Controlled
    • High Availability

    NA3 - Midwest U.S.

    The NA3 datacenter was designed from the ground up for geographic security and stability. This hardened datacenter facility is built to withstand natural disasters, severe weather conditions, and wind speeds up to 250mph. With redundant power and environmental controls, this hyper-redundant facility secures the most complex enterprise websites.

    • Designed for Extreme Weather
    • Multiple-Fiber Connectivity
    • Redundant Environment Controls
    • Reinforced Site Infrastructure
    • Raised Floors Throughout
    • Biometric Security

    EU1- Netherlands

    Our EU1 datacenter is located on the hub of multiple internet backbone cables in the heart of Central Europe’s web infrastructure, providing unmatched redundancy in routing efficiency and fault-tolerance. Backed by redundant power, cooling, and environmental controls, this facility is certified to the highest international standards.

    • Multiple-Fiber Connectivity
    • 7-Source Power Resiliency
    • Redundant Liquid Cooling
    • Redundant, Alternate Power Supplies
    • Cold Air Containment System
    • Biometric Security

    EU2 - United Kingdom

    Our EU2 datacenter in the United Kingdom is backed with fully redundant power supplies with densities from 2kW to 20kW. The robust environmental controls throughout the facility, combined with HVAC systems, redundant liquid cooling, and thorough security protocols, ensure a secure and reliable datacenter for your company.

    • Redundant Connectivity
    • N+1 Liquid Cooling
    • Backup Power Generators
    • Resilient Power Supplies
    • Redundant Air cooling
    • Biometric Security

    Asia Pacific

    AU1 - Australia

    The Managed.com AU1 datacenter in Australia provides high-speed internet backbone connectivity for enterprise organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. This facility is equipped with multiple, redundant power sources, redundant cooling, biometric access, and full dark fiber redundant connections for the most demanding mission-critical website solutions.

    • Redundant Power Resiliency
    • 24/7/365 Manned Security
    • Multi-Carrier Enabled
    • Redundant Liquid Cooling
    • Redundant Underground Transformers
    • Biometric Security